A Sample Day at RVCC

Junior Pines: Ages 2 ½ - 4 years
Senior Oaks: Ages 4 – 5 years

**Please note this schedule may be adjusted to be compliant with Los Angeles County Department of Health reopening guidelines**

7:30                 School Opens

*First Friday of the month school starts at 8:45 for monthly staff meeting

7:30-8:30        Greetings/Health Checks

                        Mixed-Aged Open Centers Inside 

8:30-9:00        Mixed-Aged Outdoor Play

9:00                Large Group Morning Curriculum Circle

                        Jr. Pines (younger group)- Outside Amphitheater

                        Sr. Oaks (older group)- Inside Circle Area

*Children are expected to be at school by 8:45 am to begin the day with their group circle time.

9:15-10:40                   Junior Pines- Outdoor Learning Activities and Snack

9:15-10:20                   Senior Oaks- Indoor Learning Centers and Snack

10:20-10:40                 Senior Small Group Circle Time

10:40-11:00                 Junior Small Group Circle Time

11:00-12:00                 Junior Pines- Inside Learning Centers

10:40-12:00                 Senior Oaks- Outdoor Learning Activities

12:00- 1:00                  Lunch Time & Quiet Time Reading

Junior Pines- Inside Tables

Senior Oaks- Outside Tables

1:00-3:00                     Rest Time

2:30-3:00                     Wake up and quiet time drawing

3:00-4:20                     Outdoor Snack

Mixed Aged Outdoor Activities

Indoor Enrichment Classes or Outdoor Transition Circle

4:30-5:00                     Mixed-Aged Group Circle Time- Songs, Rhymes Chants & Games

5:00                             Mixed-Aged Indoor Open Centers

5:45                             Clean-up; Music or Library Time

6:00                             School Closes

*Toileting/handwashing is done at our transitions from inside/outside and frequently as needed